Superior Career Fairs introduces…

 Superior Sourcing & Advertising

Superior Career Fairs understands that you can produce your own open houses and career fairs.  That’s the easy part.  The hard part is getting qualified job seekers to come to your event.  That is where we come in.  The Superior Career Fairs team has been advertising and promoting career fairs and open houses for over 40 years.  The key is being able to specifically target the talent you need and drawing in those tough to find candidates.

Make sure your event maximizes attendance by having the experts handle the sourcing for you. 

Here is how it works:  Simply choose the media you’d like use to promote your event and we handle the rest.  We will create the content for your campaign, place and run those promotions and monitor all your pre-registrations. We can also forward you all submitted resumes or even produce a searchable resume database specifically for your event.

We partner with many sources, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Cleared Connections, Intelligence Careers and Veteran Recruiting, providing you a variety of options to best advertise your event.  We also have our own proprietary list of thousands of highly qualified job seekers that can enhance the promotion your event even further.

Best of all, we will analyze your event and give realistic expectations for the number of candidates to expect prior to your commitment.

Superior Sourcing & Advertising options and pricing

Emails & Text Messages

Cleared Connections – The #1 most trusted resource for cleared talent for over 20 years – $1000-$5000*

Veteran Recruiting – The #1 source for recruiting highly talented veterans – $1000-$5000*

Intelligence Careers – Connecting cleared talent with cleared opportunities since 1999 – $1000

Superior Job Seeker List – Reach up to 5000 experienced job seekers hand selected through our proprietary list of fresh candidates actively used across the nation by companies for the past 20 years – $4000-$5000*

* price depends on how many emails/texts you want sent and how many candidates fit the background you are looking for.

Additional advertising and promotion of your event

LinkedIn – We will advertise your event on LinkedIn to more than 25 industry specific groups with over 2.5 million members – $1995

ZipRecruiter, Facebook – We will advertise your event to thousands of job seekers on these platforms – $1995.00 per platform.

Additional advertising opportunities on Indeed, local print, radio and TV available on request.